Question Please help my PC crashes a lot and the fans go crazy!!

Nov 11, 2020
So I recently built a pc about a month ago. Soon after I built the pc it started to crash and the fans went crazy and the rgb lights stayed on. Then I reinstalled all the drivers and it seemed to work fine for a month. Now two days ago the problem began to start again I assumed my pc was overheating but that was not the case, it kept happening until yesterday I installed the lastest game ready driver for nvidea. I assumed that this would do the trick but it hasn’t and still continues to crash even ten minutes after I restarted it due to the same issue. Please help this is driving me crazy!

The screen loses signal, All the fans go crazy and the rgb lights stay on the only way to restart it is to tun off the power supply and turn the pc back on I’m not sure wether it’s a peice or hardware or the drivers as I’m very new to the pc community as this is my first pc I’ve owned and the first I’ve built. I don’t think it’s overheating as it stays at anywhere from 50-60 degrees and I hope it’s not the hardware as it’s all brand new. Please does anyone have any ideas, Thanks.

If needed my specs: