Please help, new build PC will no longer power up


Oct 24, 2012
So my pc has been running great for the past 2 weeks and all of a sudden it just shut off a while ago. So I turned it back on and it was fine for a couple of minutes and it just went off again with no warning.

Now I can't turn it on. The green led light is still on the motherboard though.

Ive tried different cables, different mains. Pretty sure nothing is shorting the motherboard. 24pin and 8pin power cables are plugged in ok.

Please help me, what's wrong with my PC ?


The first thing I would do is to unplug all peripherals from the MB including the HDD and GPU. Plug the monitor into the MB graphics port. Replace all RAM with a single stick of known good RAM & rotate among all available slots. If it powers up in that state the problem is in something you unplugged. If not, replace the PSU with a known good one. If none of that works the problem is in the MB or CPU. You would need to replace each one at a time to isolate.