Question Please help. Nobody replied to my last question.

Jul 23, 2021
Hello, I'm having an issue with my 1TB WD my book. It was working normally until recently it keeps disconnecting just after my computer recognizes it. It'll spin up fine, shows the icon in my pc and I've even been able to open it and see the files but within 10 seconds it disconnects. No clicking noises no errors nothing. I've tried looking up this issue but when I try everyone talks about the HD disconnecting after a period of working normally and nobody seems to have this issue. The closest things I could find were suggestions like: trying it with another pc, trying a different USB cord, trying other power outlets and trying different USB ports which I did all to no avail.
There were some videos saying to take it apart and install it as a normal HD so I've tried that and it shows up but says it needs to be formatted but I want to keep my data. Does anyone have any advice? My data is all there but just out of reach!


That's possible. As I said though it spins up and doesn't click and I can even see the files so there may be a way to access them.
Have you tried software solutions like Recuva or EaseUS? Those are pretty much the last options you have when you've eliminated cables and PCs issues. That you see a list of files doesn't generally mean that the files are accessible, and while the presence of a repeated, constant click is bad, it doesn't follow that the lack of one means nothing bad is happening.

If software fails, your options are professional data recovery or losing your data. That's a very unhappy choice, of course, but the basic problem is that all data that is important should be backed up at all times, preferably in multiple places.