Please help processor upgrade question


Dec 31, 2011
So I bought this MOBO (Gigabyte EP45-UD3P) a year or two ago and I currnetly have a Intel e8400 dual core right now.

I wanted to upgrade the current 350w psu to a corsair tx650 and replace my geforce 9500gt with a GeForce GTX 560 Ti

I wanted to know what is the best processor that I could upgrade to for my current MOBO or where should my money be better spent?

Thank you in advance!
I would not change the cpu; 9xxx quads new or used are just as expensive as some newer cpus. Try your games first and see if the frame rates are acceptable with the 560ti. And list a budget for the board/cpu/ram if you decide to change it out. I recommend you sell your stuff used FIRST before ordering anything if funds are tight, and even do without a pc for a few days until the new stuff arrives. I use craigslist and anandtech's for sale forum. Without a budget, I'm only guessing as to what you can get.