Question PLEASE HELP, RX 570 Dual link DVI-D connection?


May 3, 2015
Hello, i'm having some problems with my monitor and a GPU. i just purchased a second hand Acer GN246HL monitor that only supports 144hz via a Dual link DVI-D cable. I also have an Powercolor RX 570 which has a DVI-D port. Now the problem is that when i plug in the Dual link dvi-d cable from ebay, it won't go higher than 60hz saying incorrect cable. I was assuming it's the fault of a cheap cable and decided to get a new one but i stumbled across RX 570s specifications on the official website.
It says it doesn't have Dual link Dvi-D support? Only single link? Is that even possible when cards like GTX 750 have Dual Link DVI? Is that the problem why i'm getting the error or should i buy a new cable? Am i screwed?
What is the specific model of you card? Looking at the Powercolor website it lists the 570s they make to all have a DVI-D cable.

What I think the problem is, is the "cheap" cable you bought. Amazonbasics makes a DVI-D cable that is about 10 USD which is about the right price for a cable that is actually correctly rated. They also have a cheaper 7 dollar 3 foot cable.
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