Question [PLEASE HELP] Terrible ping in warzone no matter what I do

May 26, 2020
Last time I posted here, everyone was very helpful, so I've returned to see if I can get help from the community. I've recently been playing a bit of warzone, and I've noticed my ping and internet latency is terrible - something that I have never experienced before. I went through numerous videos, ping fixes, dns configurations, and basically everything else you could think of with no solution whatsoever. I decided to perform a test and noticed that in every other game I play, my ping is very low and has almost no problems at all. I also ran a speedtest and my internet seems to be performing just fine on that. I reinstalled warzone (A tediously long process for anyone who doesn't know) and am still experincing issues, so I've concluded that it can't be anything with the game that I've messed up. To be clear, I'm getting constant rubber banding, slow connections, and stutters with my internet that makes the game almost unplayable. Could it just be the servers? Once again, I'm so grateful how helpful everyone is here and look forward to seeing your answers. Thank you!