Please help to upgrade my graphic card


Oct 2, 2009
hi everyone

please i need you advise.

i have packard bell desktop model ipower 9099.specification:
-windows vista ultimate sp2
-nvidia 640 mb 8800 gts graphic card up to date version
-1 TB hard disk
-direct x 10.0
4 gb memory ddr2

i would to upgrade the graphic card,but confused which one.the options:

-ati 4870 1 gb gddr5
-ati 4870 512 mb gddr5
ati 4890

or nvidia graphic card gts(250,260,275,280,285)i found out the nvidia graphic card is more expensive than ati,so i prefer ati over the nvidia

i am playing a lot of game: Crysis,Crysis warhead,unreal tournemant,delta force,sniper elite,call of duty etc...)

i have 400 watts psu.

please do i need to upgrade the psu as well?

please which graphic card do you recommend me both(ati,and nvidia)
which psu do you recommend me to buy around £60.00?

some of the graphic card require 2 6 pin

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards


Jan 17, 2008
Try the new ATI 5850. Better than all the options you enumerated from both companies, both in performance, features and power saving.
If your PSU is from a good brand you will have no problem, but if it is from a no-name brand you should upgrade to Corsair, TT, Antec etc.(min 450W)

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Mar 20, 2009
First of all please inform about supported highest resolution of your monitor.

If your monitor supports resolution 1680X1050 then I would recommend to go for Radeon 4850 or 4870 because these cards are able to deliver the exceptional performance on this resolution. If you busy higher-end card then it would be a waste of money. You have to buy a PSU of at least 500 Watts with one PCI-e 6-pin connector (for 4850), 550 Watts with at least one PCI-e 8-pin and one PCI-e 6-pin connector for 4870.,2404-3.html

If your monitor supports 1920X1200 then I would recommend to go for Radeon 5850 with at least 550 Watts of PSU with at least 2x6-pin PCI-e Connectors.

If you want a DirectX 11 card then Radeon5850 would be best buy.

PSUs should have 80+ ratings.