PLEASE HELP- Turn on Computer- "Nothing" Happens


Apr 7, 2009
Hello Friends-

This is my third computer built. The last 2 function %100 perfectly.

I built this machine in December of 2008. I hadn't gotten around to buying the OS and had issues with my KVM switch. This week I decided to move forward with installing the OS and connecting to my main machine. Here are the facts of what is occurring:

1. I turn the computer on and it doesn't power up.

2. The green light on the motherboard is on when plugged in to power source.

3. When I flip the power switch, the power supply fans and other fans slightly jolt/budge.

4. I smelled a very slight electrical smell when I did this.

5. However, no fans spin, nothing else occurs.

I'm using a Asus P5Q Pro mobo and an i-Star D-2PFS/750w server chassis/power combo.

I'm reluctant to take the machine apart and rebuild. I'm concerned that's somethings wrong with the mobo, power supply, or cabling. I don't have the means to troubleshoot each component independently.

Can anyone suggest some possible solutions or next steps?