Please Help Unsolvable Stutter In Most Games.(Tried Everything I can)


Jan 4, 2013
Hey ! , I have this most annoying thing with my computer and i really hope someone can help me... i have been trying to fix or at least find out what the issue is and within 2 years I've had no luck what so ever :(

The main issue is when I'm gaming , whenever there is a next part of "terrain" i'm coming closer to comes into focus and becomes high detail eg. Fallout 3 when walking the wastelands (The most obvious game to observe this lag from) i lose somewhere about 10-25 FPS and the game chugs along for really only a second and sometimes more, I've seen worse but I've also seen better. But this is a immersion Killer for me and stops me playing my Favorite games like Fallout 3 and Far cry 3. This stutter sometimes occurs in other games but is less noticeable, like Battlefield 3 sometimes chugs along while running when tons of things are happening at once. I assumed this was a HDD issue but have come to buy a Samsung 830 which only mildly fixed the issue, in fact I have bought all new parts for my computer around last year (Some are old parts though)

Because I have swapped out Every piece of hardware, I am starting to hope that it is a software issue or either my hardware is simply not powerful enough or the game is Un-optimized.

Last Windows 7 Install 2 months ago...Temps are fine..No crashes or BSODS...
Hoping someone out there has had a situation like mine and has found a solution whether it being more powerful hardware or system tweaks. I do expect a difficult solution or an explanation to why it stutters so much ? (Slow ram or texture thrashing etc) Any help deeply appreciated :)

Q6600 @ 3.4GHz (Old i know)
4GB DDR2 (1000 Something MHZ) Crucial Ram
AMD MSI 7870 -New
WD 500G Caviar Blue
128GB Samsung 830 -New
Asus P5K-SE-EPU Motherboard
OCZ 500W COREXSTREAM - (Not the issue brand new)