please help--video card work with mobo>?


Jul 14, 2003

well, my comp is crap yea i know. i know the processor will REALLY degrade performance on any of these vids mentioned. but i figure i can get away playing ut 2003 at lowest settings with one of theses vids:

9500 pro/non pro

9700 non pro

system: crap

p3 650
448 pc133 ram
mobo: qdi billianx9 <--this is the thing

i need to ask u guys if the vid i wanna buy will work with this mobo even at 2x. from what i understand, yea it will, but its better to check with more people aswell

This is a link to my mobo on the qdi website

9500 specs

now, on the site is says this 2x/4x/8x crap, or with some universal 3.0 bus config blah blah. i really dont wanna fry or ruin my card or anythnig so if some1 explained this agp stuff with voltages etc to me ill really appreciate it, cause if it doesnt work i wanna take it back

and lastly, the one im gonna get might be a sapphire. on the ati site it says 2x/4x/8x...the sapph says 8x. does that mean only 8x, or they just didnt put the others in...? does ALL 9500/9700 chipsets that ati makes work with 2x/4x/8x nonetheless?

thanks in advance,



Mar 30, 2003
You'd probably be able to run it, but it wouldn't be worth playing. I haven't tried it with those specs, so I could be wrong. That's just what my instinct says. You should probably upgrade your proc first. At least an Athlon 1800+. Then, to save money, get a 9700np when you can afford it. The 9700 will run AGP 2x if the box says it will.

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The 9700 and 9500 series are AGP2x compatable. I've heard the newer 9600 series isn't. I wouldn't take a chance then on a 9600, but it looks like you don't have any inclination to do that anyway.

Tom's did his CPU charts with a 9700 Pro, even on an old Socket 7 board!

Saphire makes their cards on ATI's reference design. Want a great deal? Try getting the RED PCB (which is the older version) 9500 NON-Pro 128MB Saphire card from Newegg, and try patching it with the 9700 driver patch. If you're lucky, you get a free 9700 performance upgrade. If not, you still have a decent card.

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