Question Please help! When gaming, PC restarts even on inverter ?

Jan 28, 2022
Greetings, members.
I need your help. I use a 2200 VA 24V UPS (Waveform: Pure Sine Wave) having an output wattage of 1760 Watts with two batteries (220 Ah each), but while gaming, if there is a power cut, my PC RESTARTS. However, everything works as expected if the computer is idle or performing some not so power-hungry task on a power cut. Plus, after RESTARTS, if I play the same game on the exact configuration on the inverter, there is no issue. The total calculated power consumption of the computer does not exceed 800 Watts. After a lot of googling and asking questions on different forums, two things stood clear. First, either the PSU under heavy load cannot hold power till the UPS kicks in or Second, the transfer time of the inverter is high, resulting in a system restart. But I doubt the inverter is the culprit here, as it can hold under Low to medium load. One more important thing is the UPS resets with an overload warning showing red led for less than a second. This is the exact image of the UPS I'm using. I have the following hardware:

1) Asus 3090 Oc gaming GC
2) Corsair AX1000 80+ PSU
  1. AMD 5950x
  2. 3 NVME SSD’s
  3. 1 HDD
  4. Benq 32 inch Monitor
Please guide,
Thank you.
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