Please help with a few points on Gaming build


Aug 15, 2011
Building a system through Cyberpowerpc and I am stuck on a few options.

For RAM, would it matter when getting RAM to have the major or cosair brands, or should I get the Gaming set that says its better at cooling?

I am building a gaming maching and have a code for $30 off, so the total showing price can be $1007.00 USD. (I know very specific) but that is my budget.

I just cant decide if I should go with 4 GB ram or 8 GB and if the gaming ram would be worth the money. Or should I save there and just go with 4 GB ram of major or cosair, and use the extra funds to things like a better fan, upgrade to an 800 watt powersupply?


Aug 3, 2011
For gaming you currently don't need more than 4GB (yes, some games use 8GB, but it isn't needed yet). If you don't have the money, go for the 4GB. You can always buy more RAM for cheaper on Newegg.

As for gaming/brand RAM, it really doesn't matter unless you plan on overclocking the RAM. If you take into account that there aren't a lot of RAM chip manufacturers, buying one brand over another doesn't really give you a lot of benefit.

I wouldn't put the money toward a bigger PSU unless you intend to SLI/Crossfire your system in the near future. Since you didn't provide the rest of the specs this is more of a guess than anything.