Build Advice Please help with comparison, and my questions

Jul 28, 2019
Hi Guys, Practically a newbie builder.
My use case - gaming with possibility for starter streaming/youtube videos(from what i gather they have similar requirements), workflow for photo editing and some video editing, Cad and light 3d modelling. I've had to go for a wifi mobo as i'm nowhere near my router and hardwiring would be a royal pain with over 30ft of wiring.
I've been waffling between 2 builds or a combination of the 2. They are


My questions are:

1. What's the real world performance difference between the 2 builds?

2. I had happily selected the MOBO, but of late I've been reading the older B450 boards (incl this one) have compatibility issues even after BIOS flash? Although many have also haven't had a problem. Beginning to have doubts about whether to go for it anymore. What's an option in a similar price range if so? Due to the wifi requirement I seems to be limited in my options. (pcie wifi cards seem to be costing me more as compared to cards with onboard wifi). Some who had problems, have gotten it to work with USB flashing it before installing any modules(no CPU RAM GPU), is that a thing?

3.How much of real world difference between the samsung NVMe vs half it's price Adata SATA SSD?

4. If I do go for the cheaper build, is it a good option for upgrades in the future? 3-4 yrs?



1) Id estimate builds performance difference by 10%. You'll you have to find info on samsung 970 evo whether you will actually benefit in your programs compared with SATA SSD: it's double the price but sometimes it's low realworld improvement.

2) nobody can tell for sure. AMD says AM4 motherboards will be supported until 2020. There's a chance new CPU's will need new MB, and DDR5 production will start in 2020, so

Given the small difference betwean builds, I would go with the cheaper one and be less pressed with a full upgrade if needed.

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Jul 28, 2019
Thanks Traditore.
That link is helpful.
I am definitely for saving but spending only when it's worth it. Just nervous about sinking money, under the pretext of saving while shooting myself in the foot for any foreseeable long term gains. I do not want to shoot myself in the foot. :D
Unfortunately i'm looking to build a new system a year before an entire new architecture is released(AM5) . but then this seems to be every 2-3 years anyway now. That said, my thinking is not early adopt but maybe a few months to a year into the relase(when faults and prices reduce). Am i correct on that for the scenario now?