Please help with my CPU, very important :(


Apr 25, 2012

I have an intel core i5 2500k, it's supposed to run at 3.30GHz but CPUz is saying that the core speed is 1596Mhz? Is there something that I'm doing wrong, I was told to switch the multiplier to 33 but I really don't see it in the bios ssetting of my mobo. Can someone help me with this?

Also I look at the CPUZ and the core speed sometimes jumps to 3500MHz with the multiplier at x40.0, what is causing this? Please help, very important to me.


Sep 30, 2011

The processor doesn't always run at the max frequency, it only does so when required, i mean when the load increases.(intel speedstep technology is enabled by default to save power when it is not required).

For instance, run cpuz or realtemp and with the cpuz window on the desktop on the side ,start refreshing the desktop continuously by pressing F5 and you will see that the frequency increases.


run realtemp and run xsbench and you can see your processor speed increase for the duration of the benchmark.

So just relax , you are absolutely fine.

Let us know if you don't see it go above 1596 or thereabouts.


For 6+ years now Intel and AMD processors have had power saving features that drop the clock speed down when the system is idle to conserve power and lower temperature, it is perfectly normal behavior and doesn't have a negative impact on performance but does reduce your electricity bill. More recent processor designs have a turbo feature that clocks individual cores beyond their default clock speed during lightly threaded work loads to improve performance, these explain why your seeing the processor drop to 1.6Ghz and clock up to 3.5Ghz. It is normal behavior and how Intel designed the processor to function.



The multiplier is automatically reduced on idle (resulting to lower clock ) & turbo boost kicks in when at load (resulting to 3500Mhz or higher). Its normal processor behavior. Do not worry. Be happy.