[SOLVED] Please help

Oct 15, 2019
Hi guys, this is the first time I post on this website, asking for some help. I own an Asus Rog Strix 2080Ti GPU, and I decided to buy a custom water cooling from EK. Everything was fine, until I tried to install the waterblock for the GPU, by mistake, I broke a little piece located on the top of the card (PCB I think). At first, I asked on Facebook about the problem, and some users told me that the piece I broke might be a capacitor, and should be replaced by another one with the same capacitance, but I dont know is thats right, and if it's, what capacitance capacitor to choose. Also, I would like to tell you that I havent tried to use the GPU yet, mainly because I havent finished installing the water cooling loop, and also, because I dont know if turning it on or powering it would be risky.

I will add a photo of the place where the piece I broke was located, so I wanted to ask if anybody know what replacemente should I get, and if it's a serious issue or not.

(Lastly, I would like to apologize if my English isnt good enough, I live in Chile, so my first language is Spanish)

Since I'm not able to upload the picture of it, I'll put the link to it from my Facebook profile.


Thank you so much for your help!!