Please Help


Jul 10, 2009
Hi guys. So i recently had the setup of a XFX Radeon 4870 HD 1gb 256bit running on my 25inch Hannspree at a res of 1920x1080. My games
were running at around 300fps. Not all settings were on max (Anti-aliasing and HDR) but it was a great experience. I figured I'd go out and pick up another card and run it in crossfire mode. Now that I have this configuration, there is a lot of this "image tearing" being experience in all my games. When I turn v-sync on it lowers my fps down to monitors refresh rate and I feel gaming isn't just the same. I was wondering if there's anyway to fix the problem.

You want tearing or garanteed frames? Raise your monitor refresh rate to its maximum, itll increase the vsinc rate. Sorry, I missed that. I read, just not all of it, was a bit distracted at the time

PS I kindly responded back to you twice now, asking for help and giving your response wasnt needed