Please help


Jan 1, 2013
Hi i am wrighting to ask why my pc wont run new games smoothly my pc spec are CPU: core 2 quad GPU: nvidia 9600gt 1gb RAM: 8 gb 1333mhz HDD: 1TB OP: windows vista sp 2 now i know my pc specs are not very good at all but i would expect them to be better i got this in 2008 and have only just aquired the taste for pc gaming now i would like to be able to run gamessmoothly on decent resolutions. the frustrating thing is i can only run games like farcry 3 on 720p low GFX and get aroung 25-30 fps with the occasional framerate lag and freeze. the worst part is thats when i cranck up my graphics card to the top in core and memory clock speeds it can take before crashing. i would like to be able to run it on 720p medium settings some low at 45-60 fps like consoles can any one help any advice would be appreciated


Jun 17, 2010
2008 is 4 years ago. Games are much more graphic intensive these days. If you can swap out your video card for something better it might help. Just make sure your power supply can handle it.