Dec 10, 2021
I upgraded my pc and it worked fine, however when I try to play games this happens:

My pc:
Cpu: Ryzen 5 5600g
Gpu : using ryzen apu
Memory: 2x8gb ram 2666mhz
Cooler: Stock amd cooler
Psu: Core Reactor full modular 850w 80plus gold
Storage: 1tb hard drive
OS: This happens both on Windows 10 pro and on Pop_os


Mar 16, 2020
I haven't had such a problem but what I see is that the GPU doesn't give you clear signals to the monitor.
I would look at the GPU first ... if you overclocked something put it on default.

If your system works fine until the game starts, then you don't have to doubt anything.
You can check this on the cinebench if you pass the test I would say the hardware and system is relatively good.

What I might be wrong with then is
GPU is not compatible
The game may have cracked and there is an error.
My opinion is that the problem is not with the hardware but in some compatibility settings between windows and the application. See Nvidia Settings to make sure they aren't messed up.

I don’t consider myself a professional so don’t be sure that everything I say is 100% true.


I agree with @Eximo above about the RAM speed. Far too slow for a 5xxxG. Not saying it is the direct or only cause of your issue, but moving on is going to be a must for decent performance out of that iGPU.

What resolution are you attempting to game at?

I would assume that the PC operates properly on the desktop and then gives this artifact screen when you load in. What game?

When you upgraded the PC, what did you have before? What changed? Did you perform a clean install of OS and load back in all the correct base drivers and utilities?

As @rgd1101 has also mentioned it would be a good idea to check your mobo make(s) CPU compatibility list and BIOS revisions to make sure you aren't missing something.