Please provide guidance on server and related equipment


Jan 3, 2010
Greetings, I'm stuck in a compound near Baghdad and I'm trying to put together a file server so that the soldiers in my unit can drop media files on it and pick and pull whatever they want rather than try to burn stuff to disc or drag external drives arround all the time. Everyone has pretty much offered to pitch in here and there, we're even hoping our friends and family will be willing to add a buck or two.

Anyway, like I said, we are near Baghdad and we don't have the luxury of running to the store to grab any parts, so I want to try to get this right the first time.

I have about 90 people that will be using this server. However, they will not be using it at the same time. The most I expect to have using it at any given time is less than 30. We work shifts, so that is why I am confident in that number. Plus, it is likely that people will simply browse the server from time to time in order to find what they want, rather than access it all day/every day.

Each person will connect wirelessly. The building we are in is about 300 ft long. The equipment will be housed in the center, 150ft from the ends.

I need some help identifying products that will best suit my needs. I would like to simply buy a pre-built server simply because I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. I have looked online, but am not positive what my best option might be. I have set-up home networks, but never something that will need to serve many people over a greater area. I would also like suggestions on routers, access points, amplifiers, etc, whatever you folks think I might need to make this successful.

I have assembled dell servers in austin tx. I recommend you check the dell server options in pricewatch under servers. They have several configurations for under $400. I can't recommend any setups or personalized equipment. If you don't get any other responses here try posting in one of the dell forums. I also use and anandtech.


Oct 14, 2009

You can also refer to the following link:

This platform was specifically designed for small office and home use and has been validated for use with multiple operating systems and software applications. More affordable than file servers, the SS4200 family connects to a Gigabit Ethernet network and supports up to four SATA hard disk drives.