please review and advise: e8400/ asus p5k pro


Jun 6, 2008
This seems to be this comps 'happy place', got fsb to 1900 and cpu pushin 4.5 but that was with relaxed mem settings, temps high due to increased voltage, system instability.
With these settings and graphics card/interface not yet enhanced (due to lack of research), I get about 13,2xx 3dmarks (06). That aint bad for only one graphics card using that testbed. (Or is it?)
As you can see prime95 has been running for 7 hrs. I went 9 before shutting it down. Previous test, before last voltage adjust (one notch or 1/2 hundreth of a volt) it would error thread 2 between 30 - 36 minutes of testing.


Even going to 4.02 ghz caused me to have serious stability problems, heat, pushed vcore to 1.9?. sorry just don't remember.
I am just beginning to enter the world of over clocking. Still consider myself a noob at it.

What I don't know is: (among other This mem speed and lower latencies, 4-4-4-12-3-40-6-3-3, (if I change this to 30 then bios won't even boot), Are lower latencies faster than higher clock, 5-5-5-15@ 1066 (or higher) for my overall system?. Hopefully one of you more knowledgeable types can advise and save me many hours of testing.............

What I overclocked:
well you know the mb, cpu, and mem already............(the corsair is pc8500/ 1066)
cooler is geminII, raidmax volcano psu, antec 900 case, msi nx8800gts 512mb oc, velociraptor C: drive and seagate 250's raid 0 (400 gb) and different partition raid 1 (50gb). Need to save up for another velociraptor.
According to hdtune, the 10,000 rpm drive is faster than the raid 0- just in case anybody was wondering...........

Any help or comments appreciated, Anybody just have a friggin magic wand? in advance!


Jun 18, 2008
erm...i consider myself something of an overclocking nub but... underclock your ram dude, 1066 isnt what you need, if i assume correctly , your FSB is 475 (1900 cpu freq divided by four cause its "quad pumped"....then multiply but two (because RAM is "Double Pumped") = 950MHz for 1:1 with the CPU. so underclock your ram to that and then reduce timings as much as possible.

Sorry if that was a bit confusing im a bit rushed. lol.

thats all i got atm hope it helps bai bai!