Question Please review this build before I purchase

Feb 13, 2019
Hello I am building a new PC to last for the next couple of years, this computer is going to help launch a software company me and my wife are starting.

I will use it for:
  1. Visual Studio (and other code editors)
  2. Unity 2D and 3D
  3. Audio/Video Editing
  4. Adobe Creative Cloud products
  5. gaming mainly 1440p @ 144hz with the occasional 4k @ 60hz
All Prices are coming from Amazon, I tend to find the best deal for each item before making final purchase (so I not worried if something on the list is a little overpriced). Honestly, price does not matter, although trying to keep it under 3,000$.

Main Specs:
  1. i9 9900k ~ 500$
  2. Z390 AORUS Master ~ 308$
  3. Corsair Vengence 32gb (2x16) DDR4 3000 ~ 250$
  4. Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2080 ~ 820$
Storage Specs:
  1. Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD ~ 170$
  2. WD Black 4TB HDD ~ 170$
7. Corsair obsidian 500D RGB SE ~ 250$

PSU Specs:
8. Seasonic 750W 80+ Platinum ~ 130$

Cooling Specs:
  1. corsair ll120 x1 ~ 25$
  2. Corsair ll140 x2 (for the CPU cooler) 60$
  3. Corsair H115i RGB Platnum AIO ~ 150$
Here is a PC part Picker list of the parts:

Also getting lightning strips, sleeved cables, and some premium SATA connectors,
I know alot of the price of the build is aesthetics and that is just personal preference.

If you guys have any recommendations that would be great.

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