Question Please someone talk some sense into this man!

Aug 10, 2020
My brother is convinced he is going to be getting blazing fast FPS on the upcoming PS5 running on a 4k TV.
I've been trying to tell him he will be lucky if he gets 30 on most modern titles. Even that, I'm thinking it will be low 20s, teens even.
Possibly with the graphics settings all set to low?
We actually had a nasty fight about it tonight.
I don't want him to be dissapointed, and waste his money. I've tried telling him it would probably run best in 1080, maybe QHD if he really wants to shoot for a higher quality resolution.
I think QHD would be pushing it even. I don't think it's unreasonable to say a good running application with max graphics settings even 70-90 would be the best you'd get on a top of the line Nvidia GPU while running 4k
However the PS5 uses an AMD GPU, I'm not trying to poop on their parade, I even have a Ryzen 7 CPU in my computer. I not some PC master race fan boy either, I like the facts.
There seems to be a lot of people "saying" it will get 60 FPS in 4k, but I haven't seen any actual benchmarks for the PS5 anywhere.
I posted in graphics because I just wanted some down to Earth facts from some folks that understand the tech aspect of GPUs more than most people, also I don't want opinions from people in the console section. Again, where are the benchmarks?

Thanks in advance.


Aug 8, 2017
Well when it comes to consoles and their maximum FPS, it's a case by case scenario.
It is said that PS5 can supposedly achieve up to 120fps, but the emphasis is on the "up to" part. Not every game is going to support being run at 120fps, and that brings us to the next factor: resolution.
As a general rule, the higher the resolution, the lower the fps, some games will run at 30fps/4K, some will run at 60fps/4k, some will run at 120fps/1080p and some other less demanding games will run at 120fps/4k. It's a matter of how resource intensive the games are, or how they were meant to be played, for example more cinematic games will target lower framerates in favor of better resolutions. . Even now, doing a bit of research specifically tells you how some games are going to run on PS5, and most of them are targeting 60fps/4k or 120fps/1080p (and some may also give you the option to switch between the two). As I said, pretty case by case.

And regarding hardware, despite what most console/pc enthusiasts want to believe, they're never meant to actually compete. PS5 is going to use the a modified version of AMD's upcoming RDNA 2 series. And while it will pack a punch, it's not meant to compete with a top of the line PC GPU like RTX 3090 or even a 2080, and console games are usually very optimized for a specific console's architecture so it's not a matter of horse power but mostly the matter of expectations vs practice.

tl;tr, Can it run games at 120fps/4K? Yes
Is every game out there going to support it? No


Games for consoles are written specifically for the console they are going to run on, they are made to feel normal, FPS is usually in the 30-60 range but do not drop frequently like they can in a computer. For many years people have tried to compare consoles to computers and every time there is a question like this the answer is the same "they are different things, in different price points with different options". Consoles are OK for things to work without tweaking most of the time, for knowing the games out for it will run well enough to feel smooth and for any exclusive games that come out for them. Computers are a lot more flexible in quality, resolution and can go up to higher FPS, that does not mean the FPS a console gets is "worse". You can't just compare benchmarks of different things designed in different ways for different markets. Just because some game gets 40 FPS on the PS5 does not mean it will feel laggy compared to the same game at 60 FPS on a computer. Considering a PS5 is $4-500 a lot of people would go for that vs spending almost that much just on a video card for a computer, especially if they are a fan of consoles and the controllers in the first place. There is no wrong option here.
Oct 23, 2020
I think saying that you think he'll be 'lucky' to get 30fps is just showing your bias towards a PC over a console. Just because he is connecting it to a 4K tv doesn't mean he thinks every game will have high frame rates at that resolution. Judging by your own description he definitely doesn't seem to think that.

Also, what TV has he bought? One capable of 120hz or a normal 60hz set?