Please suggest best wireless router within 1500 Indian Rupees.


Mar 20, 2014
Hi ,

I have been using Tplink TD-W8968 v2 Wifi router since 2014. Now its acting up really bad, it continuously disconnects internet, and even after resetting many times its the same. I guess its time to buy new one.

So please suggest me Wifi router within 1.5k to max 1.8k (lesser the better). My requirements are :

1. Best Wifi range ,as I have two story house and currently on first floor I have installed
Netgear extender,so wifi range should expand till extender- my current router does .

2. Best Admin control for mac ,ip filter , most advanced control over router.

3. currently my router has 5dB antenna so looking for better antenna.

4. Good 3 years+ warranty.

5. My current router has a usb port and thats useful to make hdd wifi or make printer wifi-
* this function is not a must .

6. I dont have any 5ghz devices and using 20mbps broadband connection.

Thanks in advance , I am in a hurry so please suggest as soon as possible.

** Best wifi range and consistency in range is the most important thing for me.

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