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Please tell me if these Parts are compatible. Gaming PC first build


Nov 24, 2014
Hello everyone
I wat to build my own gaming pc and I wonder ifthe parts I chose are compatible:
Case: Sharkoon BD28
Power Supply: LC-Power Green Power LC6600GP (600W)
Ram:GeIL Dragon (1x, 8GB, DDR3-1333, DIMM 240)
Hard drive:Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1000GB, 3.5", Desktop)
CPU:Intel Core i5 4430 BOX (LGA 1150, 3GHz)
CPU cooler:be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim (135mm)
Graphics card: ASUS GTX-750 Ti OC 2GB GDDR5, PCI-E x16 (2GB)
Motherboard:ASUS H97-PRO (LGA 1150, H97, ATX)
Cooler:Arctic F14 (140mm)
Drive:Samsung DVD-ROM SH-118BB/BEBE (Schwarz)

Or if you dont want have time to look if there compatible could you tell me what I have to look out for to check if there compatible? Thanks
I just want a good running gamer Pc for the money if you recognize somewhere where I could save money I'd be very happy!
Thanks in advance!


May 14, 2014
Yes those components look compatible to me. The best way to check is to look at the socket type for the CPU and MOBO. For example as listed above, you have a CPU which is a LGA 1150 and a MOBO which is a LGA 1150 so it's compatible :D

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