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Question Please tell me if this offer is good value/ is good enough for streaming with high fps

The default 2080 Super looks alright, and the default corsair TX650m is alright as well. The stock cooler for the 3700x is pretty god, but if you want an upgrade, the arctic 34 or the scythe mugen 5 are the only ones I'd consider.
The b450-a-pro max is ample enough to run a 3700x at stock settings.
Streaming should be done through the Nvenc encoder part of the nvidia gpu, it'll minimize load on the cpu and only take a small amount of processing from the gpu.


Feb 21, 2019
Seems good, so does the case matter, also what are expansion slots, because I dont know how many usb slots it would have
Best regards
Some cases have terrible airflow and some cases have good airflow, generally, ones with glass fronts have poor airflow(depends on space between fan and vents). Which ever case you get, you'll likely end up replacing the fans yourself, as the stock fans usually are loud. All the cases look to have poor airflow, so it's simply up to what you like the most. The azza blaze only has two intake fans, so you will need to get more fans regardless.

Expansion slots are the amount of pci-e x16 or x1 slots a motherboard has, you can add more usb controllers to the back via a usb pci-e controller.
The amount of onboard usb ports vary between 5-7 for most motherboards, the b450-a pro max has 6.