[SOLVED] Please tell me what is Best Software for recovery file

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Jan 29, 2016
Please guide me
one of my friend deleted one folder in their laptop and in that folder had many pic and video
and he is looking for best software for recover that files
so please tell me which software is best for recover files ?
thank you
Hi thanks for all reply
he told files deleted from recycle bin
so thanks for your suggestion , i told to my friend try recuva and hope it will help
If those files were sent to the recycle bin then you don't need anything to recover them. Just open the recycle bin and follow the usual steps to undelete.

Now, if these files are no longer in the recycle bin and this is on an SSD, then your chances of recovery are somewhere near not gonna happen at all, due to the almost immediate garbage collection that takes place anytime an SSD is powered up.
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