PLL voltage too high??


Oct 21, 2008
Hi all... Running Q6700, Asus Blitz formula, PC6400 OCZ Flex.

I've OCed my FSB to 400mhz to give me a 1:1 FSM ram ratio and CPU down to X7 for 2800mhz.
It's been running for a few days now and I decided to install the Asus Probe II. Alarms went off right away saying my voltages were too high. I left everything on AUTO voltage, obviously a mistake.

The big problem is that the PLL voltages were at a red zone 1.86v when they should max out at about 1.65. The BIOS goes up to 2.0v. I've read that over 1.8v can seriously damage the CPU and other components far worse than Vcore or heat.
Seriously worried that I've compromised the reliability of the CPU now.

Anyone have any feedback for me?