Question Pls Help I Cant edit files, or delete Directories


Nov 7, 2014
First I searched for the following (need admin, cant delete file, cant delete file as admin) in this forum and did not find anything close to my Question.
None of the similar threads were like my question.
I hope this is not to long for anyone.
That being said I am hoping someone can help me.
My system Info

I did the install via my User(Creator Owner) account which is an Administrator.
I installed an old game I use to play allot (Freelancer which installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\ ) and (Freelancer Mod Manager which installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Freelancer Mod Manager\).
If I add files in either directory it is fine.
The following I tried to do as the User(Creator Owner) that installed the game and program and as the (Hidden) Administrator.
I tried both edits in Notepad(not ran as Administrator) and Notepad++ (which is set to run as an Administrator)
If I try to edit anything in the Freelancer directory I get this.

If I try to edit anything in the Freelancer Mod Manager directory I get this.

in the next image (as I said above I tried the same thing as the User(Creator Owner) who is an Administrator and the (hidden) Administrator) and got the same error.
I tried the the same thing for the Freelancer Directory and get the same messages.
You will notice the message marked 1 when I try to delete the directory Freelancer Mod Manager.
The one marked 2 shows I am logged in as the (hidden) Administrator.
The ones marked 3 and 4 shows the permissions the Administrators have.
The ones marked 5 and 6 shows the permissions the User(Creator Owner) please note it is not the access it says it has in the next number.
The one marked 7 shows the access everyone has.
Notice the Users have Read & Execute Access while the Creator Owner (the User that made/installed) has Full Control Access even tho there are no permissions except Special Permission in ones marked 5 and 6. and Administrators which the User(Creator Owner) also has Full Control.

So can anyone tell me why I can not edit any files or delete these Directories(forgot to say if I uninstall these directories stay) and why I get prompted to be and Administrator if I am?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post even if you may not be able to help me