Question Plssss help pc wont turn on with GPU

Jan 17, 2021
My pc all of the sudden turned off while playing sea of thieves, i tried turning it on but it wouldnt, i troubleshooted my pc, and found a problem between either the GPU or the MoBo. When i have gpu, the pc just wont turn on , so i have to remove it, and drain the power from the pc, then it will turn on with the integrated graphics, but as soon the gpu come in contact withe the PCIe pins, the pc immediately turns off, and again, i have to remove it and drain the power from the pc, and turn it on again for it to post with the CPU. I tried resetting the CMOS, updating the BIOS, and resetting the ram but it just wont work.
Well, seems like you have pretty much narrowed down the issue. The only thing left to do is ascertain which one is the source of the problem. And there is only one way to do it. Try another card with the board and vice versa. If you have got spares handy, then test it out. Otherwise the logical thing to do is to walk into a PC store and let them do it for you, as they should have plenty of spares to test with.