Question Plug in SSD, other SSD disappears from system

Aug 12, 2019
My system recently stopped booting. When I checked the BIOS none of the SATA drives appeared. The system drive was a Sandisk Ultra SSD and I also had an old WD Blue HDD for media storage. I tried all the fixes I found on here (switching SATA cables, switching SATA ports, switching power plug, letting sit in BIOS screen powered up but SATA not connected, etc.), but they would not appear.

I purchased a Crucial MX500 1 TB and plugged it in. The BIOS found it immediately, so I installed Windows and everything was working great. I hooked up the WD HDD and the BIOS found it and I was able to transfer all the files on to the Crucial. I decided to hook up the Sandisk SSD to see if I could retrieve any files off it and that is when the weird started.

When I powered on after hooking up the Sandisk the BIOS spent a few minutes in "setup" before giving me any menus. With the Crucial and the WD it came up immediately. When the BIOS finally did come up none of the SATA drives were recognized. I powered down, unhooked the SATA cable from the Sandisk, powered back up and the Crucial and WD were listed again. Unhooked the WD and plugged it's cable into the Sandisk and the Crucial disappeared again. Unhook the Sandisk it reappears.

I would like to try and salvage some files of the Sandisk but that would require being able to boot the system with it attached. Any help is appreciated. The MB is an ASRock G41m-vs3 2.0 and I have the latest BIOS (1.90). Running Win 10 64 bit.


Jul 30, 2018
Not sure what is causing the issue, but perhaps you could get a USB to SATA cable or even a HDD cage.
Plug your SSD into a USB port using the cable after the system is booted and transfer all the files.
Once done, you can wipe the old SSD and happily forget about it.