Question Plug this internal DVD drive from 2003 into my PC with Adaptec card

May 17, 2019

Note : I am posting this message here as I did not find a forum dedicated to external DVD drive.

I have an internal DVD burner from 2003 that I need to use, for a very specific use-case of mine.
I think it should be noted that this DVD drive used to work in a SCSI chain (see :

I also bought a Adaptec AHA-2940U/SNI PCI SCSI card.

Here is the back of the DVD drive :

Following my research, here is what I think I should do.
Please correct me if I am wrong :

1) Plug the red part [1] to my PC power supply.
(my internal PC power supply cord looks like this :)

2) Buy a SCSI wire 50 pin with one big and one micro plug, and connect the green part [2] to my Adaptec card.
(SCSI-2 cable like this one :)

3) Now, I don't know what I should do with this purple part [3].
What is this female port I hold in my hand for ?
I read it is the "SCSI chain" part, but I don't want to chain it, it just want to use this particular unit on my Windows 10 PC.

What should I do with this Part [3] ?

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May 17, 2019
In fact, this drive is flashed with a particular firmware that allows to burn special DVD not released in retail, which I have.
So 20 years later, I would like to do it again but am stuck with the wiring. And I won't be able to burn them with any other drive, unfortunately.
Anyone knows what I should do with "Part 3" ?


Jun 11, 2004
Man, it's been a long time since I've done SCSI.

If this is the only SCSI device getting hooked up then you need to set the terminator. It's the 'end' device.
You also need to give it a SCSI ID. If it's the only device it doesn't really matter but the ID pins are used to assign an ID from 1-7 (think addition in binary).
I think the parity pins are for signal error checking.
I'm not too sure about the contraption hooked up to those pins but I'm thinking it was used to programmatically set the above settings instead of manually jumpering the pins

Edit - If your SCSI cable has more than 1 connector, plug the DVD drive in at the end.
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