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Question Plugged in old HDD to PC via SATA to USB but it doesn't show up in File Explorer or Disk Mgmt.

Jul 15, 2020
I have an old 2TB HDD that I want to wipe and reuse. I know that it had Windows 7 on it.

When I connect to my PC via SATA to USB cable, it doesn't show up in the File Explorer or Disk Management.

Under the Device Manager something shows up under "Disk Drives" called "ASMT 2115 USB Device" as well as under "USB Controllers" titled "USB Mass Storage Device.

When I look at the drivers for those two, they are the same.

Microsoft provider, date is old.. 6/21/2006.

Driver version is 10.0.18362.1

It shows in KillDisk but it says "Device Not Ready". View: https://imgur.com/a/pOdMl3n


Is this a 3.5" HDD?
What specific USB device are you using for this connection
I believe you nailed it there!

An old 2Tb drive would be a 3.5" drive and a generic usb to sata cable cannot power a 3.5" drive.
You will need an adapter that has an external power supply, a drive dock, or a 3.5" drive enclosure.

Adapter - https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-USB-SATA-IDE-Adapter/dp/B00D76J1KO
Dock - https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Docking-Station-Support/dp/B0099TX7O4
Enclosure - https://www.amazon.com/ORICO-Toolfree-External-Enclosure-Support/dp/B00GAML7OK