Question Plugged Switched On Power Strip to Outlet and it Sparked. Could This Damage My PC?

Jan 20, 2019
Hi! I keep my pc plugged into a surge protector that's turned on so I can easily turn it on when I go home or wake up. However, my mother unplugged the surge protector while I was away. When I plugged it into the socket again, I forgot that it was switched on and the outlet let out a bright white spark for a bit. I even heard it. This doesn't happen with the switch turned off so I'm sure the socket is fine. The indicator light on the protector is still on, too. And the PC boots up and runs okay. Ran Prime95 and Unigine Valley and everything seems normal.

I was just wondering if this spark could cause any surge that could damage my PC's components? I am using a surge protector but I read it can still let low level surges pass.

And while I found that some sparks are normal, I've also read some forum posts of people killing their rigs because of this. Should I be worried?

Thanks in advance for your replies!