Question Plugging in second USB 3.0 internal header, caused PC to not boot

Feb 23, 2019
I build my fist PC awhile back and after some tinkering around to try and find out why it wasn't booting, I found out it was because I had two USB 3.0 headers plugged in. (note: not usb type C. I know the USB identification numbers were changed recently)
I have an "Asus ROG Strix Z390-E" motherboard and an "Inateck PCI-E to USB 3.0 (5-ports)" card to give me an extra USB 3.0 internal header as my case has 4X USB 3.0 headers, while the motherboard has only one internal header. I have the cards drivers installed, the card is powered via a SATA Cable and my power supply is plenty strong.

The cards header works fine, but if I plug into the motherboards header, the PC will not boot. I have thought it may just be the USB cord itself as i did have to bend it pretty hard to try to install it with the cable rough i wanted but haven't tried it.

anyone have any ideas on what else it could be, it would bee appreciated.

Thank you.


Jan 22, 2009
Does the computer boot when you remove the header?

What happens if you - instead of adding a header - replace one existing header to that header? Does the computer boot then ?
Does it not boot at all or do you get an error of some kind? Just wondering if the USB port is somehow inserting itself into the boot order.
Also make sure the cable you plug into the header is definitely a USB cable and not something else.