Question plugging the network cable directly into a(previously unused) ethernet socket. will it work?

Sep 11, 2019
first of all, i cant try it, since i gotta do some other operations that i dont want to do without being 80% sure it will work. I have an ethernet socket near me, but i never used it. the router is too far away to try to connect directly to it, so i was thinking: can i connect to this socket? I've been searching but i still dont understand this: are all the house's sockets connected to the internet? I phisically cant unscrew the outlet. Sorry if it is a dumb question, and dont hesitate to ask me to clarify if i didnt expressmyself well enough.
Not likely it is just a piece of wire in the wall. You would have to find the other end of the wire and hook it to your router. This is a project only you can do its not like someone one this forum can tell you were the wires go.

In most cases all the wires from all the outlet go to some common room. Even then it may not be simple depending on what you find on the far end. Some times these jacks are connected as telephone so you would have to replace the stuff in the central room.