Plz help, good gaming 22inch lcd should i buy?


Sep 9, 2009
Hi all,

I require some help from my good forum friends.

I wish to buy a new gaming monitor. Id like a 22 inch, 1600 is a good native rez. I know a 2ms would be good but that dosnt alone make a monitor a good buy.

Thanks for input


Dec 5, 2008

Maybe this new, revised Full HD 1080P ACER H223HQFbd LCD Monitor might interest you. It is the revision or successor of ACER H213HBmid. :bounce:

Please note that the much older ACER H213HBmid was sold very well on in the early 2009 and was awarded as the #1 best customer choice together with ASUS VH226H. It is also possible that in the future, FULL HD 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080 resolution/pixels) might benefit gaming too and not just only for Full HD movies and this is the standard resolution that many customers are focusing on at the present.


Apr 14, 2009
The best thing for you to do is go to an electronics store and look at the monitors and move the cursors and windows around to test latency, ghosting, and tearing. Contrast ratio and response time should be used as a very very abstract, general guide, but not as facts or performance figures. As long as you don't buy from Best Buy, the monitor prices should be close to Newegg's.

But anyway, I went to Fry's and looked at 4 long rows of monitors and decided on this one.

22 inch
$149 w/ Free Shipping

Matte screen - I don't see any annoying reflections even with sunlight directly behind me.
Performance + Image Quality / Price - If you want something subtly better than this, expect to spend over $300.
My mom can't tell the image quality difference between this and a properly calibrated CRT

Screen tearing
Lower contrast and colors aren't as vibrant when compared to a CRT
The stand is too low. I have two text books and a surge protector under my stand to have the screen at eye level.


SAMSUNG T220 is the piece of art on you desk. The panel has a 300cd/m2 brightness rating and an impressive 20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It has 2ms response time and its excelent gaming monitor. The response time is very fast among other 2ms monitors. It has excelent pixel pitch and is extremely sharp. The color has amazing tone, one of the best I have seen. The finish on it is one of a kind. Definitely the best looking monitor I have ever had.
For gaming highly recommended