Question PM9A1 (980 Pro OEM) SSD is suddenly not showing up in BIOS after using it ?

May 29, 2023
> I got a PM9A1 2TB Drive from Samsung (It is the OEM version of a 980 Pro)
> I cloned my OS from my old 870 QVO 1TB with a random software
> Drive worked absolutely fine for a couple days
> Started showing BSODs frequently so I decided to clean install Windows.
> Windows installed part way then showed error 0x800701b1
> Now the drive won't show up in Windows, diskpart, bios or anywhere else
> Drive gets warm to touch
> No warranty on the drive since I got it as a replacement and warranty is over now
>pls help im crying

Thanks a lot to everyone in advance.

Edit: My motherboard is MSI MEG x570 Unify


mine just died like that one day and Samsung was no help (cause I took off 1 of the 2 labels). They super dropped the ball on this whole thing.

Best best is try to RMA it and hope they honor it.