Pny 32g micro SD card won't format


May 26, 2012

I just bought a 32g PNY micro SD card. I used it in my Nikon s6200 for a day and when I got back to my hotel room I put the card in my phone (Motorola MB685) to put the pictures and videos on Facebook. I then tried putting the card back into my camera and got a message stating it needed to be formatted. The camera was not able to format the card. I then tried it formatting in my computer. I'm getting an error message saying "Windows was not able to complete the format". I then downloaded the SD format tool and I'm getting an error message, after about 15 seconds, stating the card is write protected. I slid the switch on the side of the card and I get the error message immediately. I'm at my wits end on this one and would love some helpful suggestions on this one. Thanks in advance.
It all points to a faulty card. All I can say is avoid PNY like the plague in future. never used them myself -- only use Sandisk or Integral with very few problems, but since my camera uses CF cards, and my phone use microSD, cards are never swapped between camera/phone.