News PNY CS2310: Use That Empty NVMe Slot

Apr 1, 2020
I disagree with the assessment that it's only ideal for an aging setup or budget build.

In the many reviews over the years TH has done, if you look at the real world performance figures that non-professional users will find relevant, such as Windows and application load times, game load times, and even writing several gigabytes of files at once, there is very little difference between a high end drive like the Samsung 970 Pro and a budget drive like the Intel 660p, because these users are primarily read only, and even if they're on gigabit fiber they're not going to exceed the write performance of even budget NVMe drives, except for obsolete drives like the 660p, but even then it's a question mark.

Low end drives may not be AS fast sure, but when you're talking about a difference of 1-2 seconds, but a price difference of many tens of dollars, there's a strong argument to be made that the low to mid tier drives are what you should get, especially when that price difference allows you to get a 1TB or 2TB drive instead of a 500GB drive with money left over to improve your GPU or other hardware.


Jun 15, 2017
NVMe drives offer the perfect balance of size and performance. They attach directly to a slot on most modern desktop and laptop motherboards and leave no mess of cables for us to hide away in our builds.
I strongly disagree with this.
An NVMe drive is the perfect size for a laptop. Being restricted to such a tiny size on a desktop is absurd!

- If only U2/U3 drives were mainstream!
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Jun 9, 2020
Article title calls it CS2310. Article then doesn't actually name drive. Yet the pictures show that the model number is CS2130.
Yes; apparently it is actually a CS2130. Also, the minimum price I found on Amazon was $127 for the 500GB model. The PNY site's specs for the CS2130 match what was reported here.

I don't know where the reporter got the price info, but it seems to be wrong.