Oct 4, 2012
I'm doing a IP security camera install for a client and I would like to be able to power them all from a single POE switch to make it easy to manage. I'm installing 8 cameras total, but all of the 8-port POE switches that I've been able to find so far either have only 4 ports that supply POE or the switch has a "POE Budget" of something like 50 watts. Each of these cameras uses up to 15 watts, so a 50 watt budget won't cut it.

Does anyone have any recommendations on any POE switches that can supply full power to all ports? Thanks!
Be sure they really need 15 watts, a power budget of more than 100 watts makes it very expensive.

ESW-540-8P from cisco is designed to do what you want but you will pay over $500 for it.

You may want to consider a power injector device between the switch and the devices, it tends to be a little cheaper. The other option is to buy a few of the cheaper 8 port switches and daisy chain them together.