Question Polling rate spikes from 70 to 1600hz on 2 different pcs and 4 different mice.

Mar 29, 2022
Recently i`ve got a new aorus z390+9900k and a new mouse (mz1), then i measured the polling rate and saw this.
What is interesting is that i had EXACTLY the same issue on my old i7 3770 and multiple mice (viper mini, gpro (wired) and fk2). And i was thinking that i just had a faulty mobo or old ass cpu or god knows what else could be wrong with a pc this old. Turns out it was not the case.
I tried every single usb port, updated mobo drivers and tested 3 older mice and got the same results.
The only things that stayed the same from previous pc:
GPU (old gtx660, plugged in untill my new gpu arrives). Its connected with DVI-I to VGA adapter to the monitor. I literally tried unplugging the monitor and moving my mouse blindly and had same results.
Keyboard. Has no ferrite bead around the cable. Also tried to unplug it and had the same results (i dont even know if it even can cause anything like this).

Everything plugged into an APC power filter with EMI/RFI protection (60 DB). It has a grounding indicator and it glows green.

Please help me because this makes me lose my mind.


Win 11 Master
Jun 12, 2015
how does software test it? drawing circles on screen? depends on how big circles are and how long you have to do it as to whether those later scores mean a lot. I ran one and it seemed to me the test ran too long. My mouse doesn't poll as fast as yours does but it was fairly consistent in test I tried.

shame mouse doesn't have its own software, its relying on Microsoft drives

my steelseries Rival 600 drivers replace the Microsoft ones.