Question Poor Gaming Perf. Radeon 6700 (Non-XT)

Nov 26, 2022
Put together a budget build some months back and finally pulled the trigger on getting a GPU for it (RX6700). Other hardware is as follows
  • 2x8gb 3200mhz
  • Ryzen 5600G
  • B450MA ii
  • 650w PSU
  • 960 evo
  • 1080p 60hz panel

    Ive tried 3 games so far and none of them are running right…
WoW classic - max/near max settings 40-50fps in fairly populated areas.
WoW Retail - medium settings 30-40fps in fairly populated areas. No addons.
Code Vein - FPS is all over the place, it can be as low as 15fps standing still staring at the landscape or as high as 60 during combat. Various graphics settings tried, only seems to help raise the lowest of the lows but still stupid choppy and damn near unplayable.

GPU and CPU utilization is very low in most cases, rarely reaching or passing 40% and 20% respectively. Power draw low as well. This is only in games, however, and not the case in something such as userbenchmark

What I’ve tried -
  • Updated from Windows 10 to 11
  • Numerous reinstalls for display driver
  • Confirmed power settings not cutting power to GPU/CPU
  • New PSU
  • Confirmed in bios and device manager that the discrete GPU is being prioritized and not the APU
  • SAM enabled and GPU overclocked (stable). Passes stress tests and hits targets no problem.
  • RAM confirmed to be running at 3200mhz
  • GPU min clock speed locked at 100mhz below max
I’m not really sure what to do here other than RMA the card. I know it’s not top of the line by any means but these numbers are WAY below where they should be.