Question Poor internet but great signal?

Mar 9, 2019
I really dont get what's going on here, i bought a Wireless Wifi Network card from TP-LINK, Moswl TL-WN781ND 150MBPs, i got a 25MB connection at home, i can perfectly get 25Mbs while using the ethernet cable
using wireless tho, 11/12 MBPs on a good test, sometimes going as low as 1MB! the signal strength is 100%, i really dont know whats going on, just had my internet tested through wi-fi, 17.33MBPs, idk if it helps, but the "speed" on my Wi-fi status shows up as 74MBPs, isn't supposed to be 150MBPs like the wireless card says?
Those number are encoding methods not really speeds. You would only get those in some artificial lab condition.

The speed/encoding is negotiated between your nic and your router, the router is mostly in control. You have to be very exact about the number that is displayed on your nic. 72.2 is for example a connection speed 74 is not.

If you get the actual number you can look it up in a MCS table and see what is going on. In general the difference between 72.2 and 150 is that the router is using 40mhz channel width rather than 20mhz.

You might be able to force the router to use 40mhz wide channels. The reason it does not is it likely is detecting other radio transmission on other channels and dropping back to 20mhz to reduce overlap. You would have to try it and see if it is worse or not. The router is trying to share the bandwidth with your neighbors but that theory does not work any more when you can see 20 neighbors many with multiple wifi devices like repeaters or mesh units competing for bandwidth.

11-12 mbps is not good but it is fairly close to what is expected on 72.2. At 150 maybe you get 30. All depends on distance and how your house is build in addition to how much interference you have from neighbors.

Even if you got the fancy router and nic cards that try to run 4 streams and claim rates of 600 on 2.4g they only get about 60-70mbps in real life testing situations.