Question Poor performance with a 2080 Super FE ?


Oct 20, 2019
So about a week ago, I built a new PC to upgrade from my old one. One of those upgrades, included an unexpected 2080 Super Founder's Edition GPU, but now that I have everything up and running... Somehow, I feel underwhelmed, and I can't put my finger on why that is. I'm not sure if I'm just setting my expectations too high, or if something is actually wrong here. My specs are as follows:

Target Settings: 75fps 1080p Ultrawide, High/Ultra Settings
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L (Keeps my CPU below or around 50-60C)
GPU: 2080 Super FE
PSU: EVGA B5 800w (80+ Bronze)
RAM: 32GB Dual Channel Corsair Vengance RGB Pro (2x16)
Monitor: 2560x1080, 75hz, HDMI to DP
Raytracing: So far haven't tried it much, since I know it makes performance drop a bit.

Upgrading from a Ryzen 5 3600 & 1660 Super combo, I assumed that I'd be getting a real boost in performance. It certainly is better than that, and runs most simpler games like Fall Guys, Genshin or Minecraft Shaders flawlessly, but I thought games that didn't run so well even at medium settings on my old PC would run better, but some still feel a bit underwhelming. Warzone is a mess skipping around 45 to low 60's, Dying Light 2 I needed to use FSR on my old PC, and I still need DLSS for it to even get above 60, and VR Games like The Forest are still a stuttery motion sickness nightmare (However, that may just be the way my Quest 2 link is set up, so I'm not concerned about that, just thought it would be useful to point out.) These issues carry over even when I switch down my resolution to 1920x1080, maybe with a slight performance lift.

There are still games I have yet to test, and there are still games that run plenty fine maxed out like GTA V for the most part, but it's these odd few that I went in thinking they should be playing way better, that just aren't for some reason. I feel like I'm asking a lot less of my setup than most, I'm not looking for a 1440p 100fps beast, I just want a seamless 1080p 75fps, out of what seems like an incredibly overkill card for that use case. I fear I might be expecting too much, or maybe I've missed something completely? I appreciate any feedback on this!


Did you do a clean Windows setup on the new PC or just swap the drive from the old to the new one? If you did, do a clean Windows setup on the new build.

Not much need to guess if it's faster, run a benchmark like PassMark or 3DMark on the old system. Run same on the new one, compare the two (make sure benchmark settings like resolution are same). Also look up benchmarks for the video card with the games and settings you are using to make sure they line up with the tests with that CPU.