Poor Transfer Rate on Samsung 970 M.2

Feb 4, 2019
Hi guys, i have a problem, when I test the performance of my driver in programs like Samsung Magician and CrystalDisk they show excellent results, however when I am going to transfer a file, either to the same disk, to different disks, from other disks to the 970, ridiculous transfer fee. I would like to know if anyone had the same problem, or if anyone can help me below I will leave some prints of samsung magician, crystaldisk and a file transfer as an example. 

My specs:

Mobo: X370 Sli Killer Asrock

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600

GPU: GTX 1060 3GB Gigabyte

RAM:  24GB = 16GB T-Force 8GB Basilisk  

Thank you for your help

*Sorry for the Portuguese on the video

Samsung Magician:




Transfer Rate to the same disk


The super flashy 'brag-worthy' numbers will be the sequential reads/writes on CrystalDiskMark...(for a 970 EVO, about 3500 MB/sec reads?)

Naturally, if/when reading/writing to/from slower media devices, speed will be limited by the slowest media you are writing to/reading from in many circumstances...(typical sustained reads/writes from a decent 7200 rpm drive are about 200-240 MB/sec at best case, and, 540 MB/sec reads from SATA SSD...)

If reading and writing to different portions of same drive (moving from one to another partition, for instance), the performance will be much lower, especially for large writes that exceed the drive's fairly high speed cache size....(mixed reads/write MB/sec stats are much lower)

The 970 EVO's results, although not shown below, is quite close to the 960 EVO's numbers, but, the 970 EVO Plus has much higher mixed read/write numbers....

Ravi Sankar

Sep 15, 2009
AFAIK, Delay expected in both the cases

Case1: Transferring a file between different disks, the completion time would be the time of the slowest disk (ex: say, ssd reads 3000 MB/s and writes to 7200 RPM drive at 150MB/s, then 3000MB file would take 3000/150 secs = 20 secs)

Case2: Transferring a file with in the same disk, (fyi: Cut-paste would be faster as it just swaps the addresses not the entire file content)
For copy-paste, tasks would be reading and writing in sequence, means SSD read time + SSD write time, say read speed 3000MB/sec, write speed 1500MB/s, them copying 3000MB file would take 4 seconds, double to the theritical, because write speed bottleneacks the read speed.

Despite of this, fyi, SSD performance directly linked to the amount of freespace in disk, the more the free space, then more faster due to parallel writes. benchmark softwares might use small data transfers so that amount of disk space will not affect performance

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