Poor video quality?


Dec 20, 2009
With my old amd based computer with single processor, 2 gigs of ram, 128 meg nvidia video card on win xp, I get a much cleaner streaming video picture from netflix, youtube, etc.. than I do with my current vista ultimate, core 2 duo, 4 gigs ram, 1gig nvidia video card pc. I cannot get a cleaner streaming video out of me newer computer. Do I need some sort of fancy decoder or something?


I get excellent results from Netfilix, even using my old computer with XP, P4 @3.2GHz, and a BFG 7900 GS. Generally as good as my Vista Ultimate, e8400, and 9800GT with 500MB of video memory. I have my monitor connected to both and tried switching back and forth between the two and I think, perhaps, maybe, it might be possible, that the e8400 was a smidgeon, but just a smidgeon bettter.

In addition to Vipers question, are you using exactly the same browser on each? How does the quality compare using a DVD on each (assuming the older computer can play DVDs0?