Question Pop_OS kernel fix help please ?


Nov 5, 2017
i goofed big after a patch fix for gaming that worked the first time on pop os from the i had a memory issue unrelated to this which required a fresh install of pop but when i got back to were everthing i had installed gaming wise i couldnt remember from were i got the kernel patch an after some digging i ended up with
5.13.0-13.1-liquorix-amd64 which seems to have broke some functions namly something with the nvml shared lib functions the now prevent greenwithenvy from running an stuttering in warframe which before the goof ran smooth at 144fps
my long winded ? is whats the step by step to revert back to the previous kernel an then patch with the one to unlock intended sync function or can i just patch it to the previous version the worked an if so how ?

original that worked

an the patched version that didnt goof it the stable: 5.13.13

the one that now doesnt

is this