Question Popping in q70r no matter what I try

Nov 16, 2018
Hi all,

I recently made a big splurge for a q70r tv and a q70r sound bar. The sound bar is great but very irregularly i get popping sounds in the audio. I tried updating firmware. i tried changing hdmi cables and then again to a hdmi 2.1 cable. i tried unplugging my router entirely since i thought there was interference. i tried pcm vs dolby sound. i tried plugging into different outlets

the craziest part is i returned the entire soundbar to get a replacement from amazon and that popped too. thus i even changed the tv for a replacement and i am still getting the popping

I would really appreciate your almost at a point of just dumping the sound bar and using the tv sound which i really do not want to do

also please note it does not pop with no source audio - there has to be something playing and even then it is irregular when it pops