[SOLVED] Popping noise when powering off

Sep 1, 2019
I had just bought my new ASUSVivobook 15 today and noticed a slight issue, when powering off my PC at the last second there is a decently loud sudden click. No burning smell or overheating found at all and it only makes noise when shutting off. I had seen many other threads talking about high end GPUs and external cases making clattering noises, sadly mine is a poor Intel UHD 620 and I dont use a case. Otherwise from the sudden clicking noises there seems to be no other signs of issues and everything works smoothly. As this PC runs on Lithium Ion batteries, should I be slightly concerned? Will this issue become large enough to affect the performance of the PC in the future? Should I have this checked out? And where the heck is the noise even coming from! Thanks in advance from a confused citizen who knows nothing about computers :)


Laptops are made is such a way that it is hard to diagnose the issue unless someone has intimate knowledge of the specific laptop in question. When did you buy this laptop? If you bought it within the return period, I would definitely return it. It should definitely not bo making loud clicks right before, during, or after shutdown. I would suspect that there is a fan on the CPU that is causing the issue as it slows to a probable abrupt halt.