Port configuration this operation not supported


Jun 27, 2010
dell 948 works fine on other computer. an error occurred during port configuration . This operation is not supported????? did everything restart changed port etc. help


Go into Devices and Printers right click the printer, select printer properties, click on the Ports tab and try a different port. It should be on a USB port you may find it's using a com port.
Now that I think about it, I had a similar problem with a Lexmark printer a few years back. I don't know about that Dell model, if it's a Canon or a Lexmark, they did use Lexmarks a few years back.


Disconnect the printer and uninstall drivers and software, restart the pc without it.
Do a complete shut down, then start up without connecting printer. Now run the install choose custom instalation (hopefully that's an option) carefully follow instructions.
At some point there may be a window pop up showing which port it's going to use, see if there is a way to change it this point, if it's using the same one as before try changing it, if not cross your fingers and hope for the best.
I take it there was nothing of help on the Dell site?
If it doesn't work now, find a big hammer to kick start it.